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9/01/2015 / Google Chrome
4/30/2014 / Java Applications

Google Chrome

Java applets won't work using Google Chrome browser due to an announcement made by Google on September 2013 planning to remove NPAPI support from Chrome by the end of August 2015. A quick fix to this matter would be by just switching to another browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari since this issue is only related to Google Chrome browser.

A second option is to enable or install the Google “IE-Tab” extension plug-in, which will allow you to run an Internet Explorer Tab within Google Chrome browser: Options / Settings / Extensions / IE Tab enabled. An IE icon will permanently be placed on the Google Chrome browser bar as shown below with a red arrow:

IE Tab

From now on, every time you open and use Google Chrome and access any website using Java, by just clicking the IE Tab icon once, the current website with all its pages will be allowed to run Java games or Applets without any problem and within all the functionality of Google Chrome browser.

The IE Tab extension or plug-in can also be downloaded at this url address:

Java Applications

Because of the latest security updates made by java in the past months, some viewers are now experiencing problems that they’ve never had before while playing java Chess applets and running applications at our website.

Java is a programming language and computing platform first released by Sun Microsystems in 1995. There are lots of applications (our Chess applets included) and websites that will not work unless you have java installed. Many more applications are created every day. billion devices run java because is fast, secure, and reliable. From laptops to datacenters, game consoles to scientific supercomputers, cell phones to the internet, printers, routers, kindle, parking meters, ATM’s, credit cards, public transportation passes, cable boxes, TV’s, etc. java is everywhere and yes, java is free to download. Get the latest version at

The below security prompt window is the most common issue our viewers have encountered:

Application blocked

This is just a security prompt showing that your default or current java settings are set to block all java applications. This happens quite often right after you install java for the first time or a java update has been recently downloaded. The new update default settings cause the above security prompt to appear. In order to run java applets and applications in our site, you need to change these settings in the java Control Panel.

To change java settings try the following: (Version 8, Update 25 / build 1.8.0_25-b18)

1. Open the Windows Control Panel: My Computer / Control Panel, or: Start / Control Panel.

2. Find the java icon Java icon and double click it to open the java Control Panel.

3. In the java Control Panel, choose and press the "Security" tab.

4. Make sure that the "Enable java content in the browser" is selected. Select the “Security Level for applications not on the Exception Site list” to “High”.

5. Click the “Edit Site List...” button and add (type) “” into the “Exception Site List” window.

6. Click "Apply" and "OK".

The following picture shows the java Control Panel with the proper Security settings:

Java Control Panel

If using Internet Explorer browser, you may also need to adjust your Internet Explorer Options settings very similar to the Java Control Panel settings instrucctions shown above by adding to the Trusted Sites list: Tools / Internet Options / Security / Trusted sites / Sites / Add. Also, set your Internet Explorer security level to Medium-High or lower.

Now, try to play our java applets again and see what happens. If the issue still remains, close all your programs, clear your browser internet temporary history files and restart your computer.

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