Breath of fresh air
“Playing Chess requires intuition, reasoning, and calculation”

  Chesmayne brings a breath of fresh air to the traditional game of Chess and propels it into the 3rd millennium. The game lends itself particularly to the conflicts surrounding aggression.

  It is a cerebral activity that calls for an intellectual and thoughtful mind, creative thinking, deduction and depth of perception.

Breath of fresh air

  The nature of thinking that operates and the levels of mental activity required can be described as vision or intuition, reasoning, calculation, maturity of judgment, individual style and a balanced psychological demeanor.

  The qualities that make a good Chess player are patience, concentration, a capacity to put duty before personal feelings, profound analysis and cool appraisal of objective realities, the ability to think ahead, marking time as a way of holding a position in view of later objectives and the readiness to study the relevant material and precedents.

  In studying the example games in the text you will learn the underlying principles of strategy and tactical technique.

  There are three obvious phases or parts in a game of Chess - opening (developing the pieces, control of the middle section of the board, etc), the middle game (exploiting weaknesses in your opponents Kings position, defense and attack, plans are brought to fruition, etc) and the endgame (where Pawn promotion can lead to victory, etc).

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