Centuries of progress title
“Human judgment in Chess is still more treasured than a computer chip”

  There are many ways to view Chess history and the processes that underlie the stage at which we have now arrived. The present state of affairs can be seen as the culmination of centuries of progress.

Centuries of progress

  The two processes that operate on the Chessboard, tactics and strategy, are what the Chinese call Yin and Yang and the interaction of the two, the Tao.

  Thirty years ago the rate of change in Chess theory could be described as leisurely, though today this rate of information and knowledge has become almost exponential.

  Chesmayne, the game on which you are about to embark is a contest that caters for the intellectual capacity of the modern mind.

  The higher levels will require the computer technology of the present decade for rendition and implementation.

  However, the instantaneous human judgment in Chess is still to be treasured more than the tireless calculations of the artificial brain in a computer chip.

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