Courier Board title
“At the start of the game each player must move his Rook Pawns”

  A 12 x 8 board that has 12 major pieces and 12 minor pieces. This board dates from at least 1209 AD, Courier Chess (or the Courier Game) is a strategy board game in the Chess family.

  The original form probably originated in the 12th century and is known to have been played for at least 600 years. The game was subsequently replaced by a more modern form.

Courier board

Courier diagram

  First-rank pieces: Rook (a), Knight (b), Bishop (c), Courier (d), Mann or Counselor (e), King (f), Queen (g), Schleich or Spy (h).

  It pioneered the modern Chess Bishop (called the "courier"), and probably played a part in evolving modern Chess out of Medieval Chess.

  This 12 x 8 board appears in the 16th century painting  “The Chess Game” by Lucas van Leyden. The game commences with the advance of the Pawns in front of the Rooks. Castling is not allowed.

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