Enlargement of our Chess concept
“Chess can arouse deep and warm human passions”

  Chesmayne is the synthesis of all these variations and is an enlargement of our Chess concept. The game is a little more complex and the rules have been expanded to cater for the intellectual capacity of the modern mind.

  It has managed to retain the romanticism with which Chess was imbued in the past and this despite our modern analytical approach to the game. However, traditional Chess seems to have become an intellectual exercise with a fixed set of rules, a fixed number of cells and a fixed number of pieces.

Chess and it's various forms

  This situation has promoted stagnation. Chesmayne rules are flexible and the number of squares, called cells of your own choosing. The number and types of pieces are selected from a palette of available combatants.

  With its studied refinements, its aesthetic visual appeal and picturesque terms it has the benefit of an added dimension and we're sure you will agree, is the richer for it.

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