Major and minor pieces endings title
“Openings teach you openings... endgames teach you Chess!”

  You will also need knowledge of major and minor pieces endings. This problem can be exasperating when there are numerous alternative moves for both contestants.

  The ability to visualize before your eyes positions arising two, three or more moves ahead is an important attribute to possess and can only be gained by constant practice and analysis.

Major and minor pieces endings

  There are restrictions to this technique, as some positions are overly complex to handle, this being particularly the case when the time allowed for deep searching thought is restricted.

  Some positions are impossible to analyze. In other positions you will have to study the whole maneuver of your opponent.

  Chess is an adversarial relationship, in which one side is doing his/her damndest to defeat the other. This can be a one-against-one encounter.

  It is played entirely in the open, sequentially, one move at a time. All the moves are immediately visible and the power of the pieces precisely regulated - this is the real mystery of the game.

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