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“Chess seems to have the ideal mix of tactics, strategy, and skill”

  Modern board games such as Trivial Pursuit, Scrabble (invented 1948), Monopoly (invented in 1934 by Charles Darrow) and Bridge are played the world over. There has been a phenomenal global interest in mental games in recent decades.

  100+ million people play Trivial Pursuit and Monopoly. 200+ million play Scrabble and complete Crosswords. 60+ million play bridge, 250+ million play draughts/checkers, and over 300+ million play traditional Chess and many more play Chinese Chess.

Checkers board

  Of all the board games, Chess in its various forms seems to have the ideal mix of tactics, strategy, skill, type and shape of board and selection of pieces for play. Compare a card game such as Chem-de-fer (a variation of Baccarat in which the cards are dealt by a banker with two or more punters), where the outcome is subject to the luck of the hand dealt, or with Checkers, where the similarity of the pieces makes the game mundane.

  The only other board games which compare in intellectual depth are Chinese Chess, Go, Bridge and the Japanese game of Shogi. Shogi and Chinese Chess can also be played on a Chesmayne board in a western format.

  Chesmayne with its new pieces still allows traditional Chess to be played but it is only used by beginners, as the initial starting level. This determination to make Chesmayne as exciting as possible by permitting different levels to co-exist side-by-side allows the game to be taken to the limit of possibility and will enable you to play at a new level of performance.

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