Other levels of play
“Chess, earth’s most widely played board game”

  Chess appeals to diverse minds, for it is a blend of opposites and combines the zest of struggle with rest from all cares. It is like a well-covered table, with something to suit every palate.

  Ten centuries ago, Chess was already established as the world’s most widely played board game. Today, it still retains this position as we reap the fruitages of the bounteous table set before us for our consideration, which will take the game into its fifth millennium.

Other levels of play

  The best way to improve is not by playing opponents, but by playing over annotated games and many examples are available on this site

  The purpose here is not to re-examine the traditional game but, to examine its fundamental components in a little more detail - how we got to where we are - where we are going and also to review what we are capable of as individuals, and then to examine what the future capabilities, if utilized, might enable you to do.

  For the reader who likes to peek at the end to see how it all comes out, I will conclude this section by saying that, so far, we have examined Chess and its variants from its origins - touched on various other similar board games and looked at Chesmayne and its higher levels of play.

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