“The concept of rating Chess dates back to the 19th century”

  Long ago, attempts were made to find a method to determine the strength of a Chess player's ability. A rating system was introduced in Germany in 1948 and was known as the Ingo-System.

  Differing systems were developed in England, U.S.A., Switzerland, Canada and Russia. At Siegen in 1970 FIDE adopted Professor Arpad Elos system/method to determine titles in traditional Chess.


  The concept of rating Chess play dates back to the 19th century. The Ingo System was developed by A. Hoesslinger. The ELO system is based wholly on statistical probability theory and is a scientific approach to the evaluation of a Chess player's strength.

  FIDE maintains an international rating list known as the “IRL” and awards the folowing titles:

  01 International Grandmaster.
  02 International Master.
  03 Woman International Grandmaster.
  04 Woman International Master
  05 FIDE Master.

  The performance norms are achieved in 24 games or more within a three-year period.

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