Ruy Lopez and Philidor
“Ruy Lopez de Segura was a Spanish priest”

  The Europe that Ruy Lopez (1530 – 1580) lived in was dominated by the science of Aristotle and the philosophy of conservative Christianity.

  Like others who preceded him, he helped make the Chess world we play in today. Spain took the lead in Chess development with Ruy Lopez publishing his book in 1561 and he has since been brought to our remembrance with a Chess opening being named in his honour.

Lopez and Philidor

  In this period players did not play systematically, they just moved their pieces (like many politicians) and hoped that all would turn out well in the endgame.

  The game progressed to such an extent that during the 18th century players such as François-André Danican Philidor (1726 - 1795) could play three or more opponents blindfold.

  Philidor published a book emphasizing the importance of the pieces being used to block the center part of the board (centre).

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