The future
“Playing Chess is highly personal”

  Any account of Chess is likely to be an individual one and suffer from the peculiarities of the person formulating it.

  One of the ways to understand Chess is to ask the following questions: 

  01 What is a Chessboard? 
  02 What symbols are used? 
  03 What variants are available? 

The future

  A Chessboard is a playing area that contains pieces, and it is thanks to the marvelous property of the Chess pieces that an intellectual game is possible.

  You can manipulate your pieces any way you wish within defined rules and your opponent can respond with his/her own moves, which in turn presents the players with a set of problems.

  Playing Chess is highly personal and the strength of your play will be due to the fluency of your playing ability.

  It is impossible to predict what the future of Chess will be, but whatever occurs, it is hoped that this text will be useful to future students of the game, both in terms of the nature of Chess and its social, mythological, symbolic and psychological aspects.

  Much potential for improvement lie in this field of thought and it remains open to new ideas and developments from any source.

  Fresh concepts will emerge from its practitioners and it is the authors hope that many such new ideas will emerge in the years ahead.

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