X’s and O’s
“Played nearly everywhere in the world at some time or other”

  The game of X’s and O’s is basically a very simplified form of Chess with one type of piece and a board of nine cells. Each player inputs an X, or an O, onto this board alternately.

  The first player to connect three X’s or three O’s, either vertically, horizontally or diagonally is the victor. X’s and O’s can be played on a piece of paper, on a frosted or dirty window, or on the sand at the beach.

Xs and Os board

  X’s and O’s is played nearly everywhere in the world at some time or other by boys and girls and is similar to Japanese Go, in that the board starts empty and pieces are added as the game continues.

  Chess on the other hand starts with a full board and the pieces are subtracted. Shogi (Japanese Chess) pieces are always available for play i.e., either on the board itself or in a reserve base.

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